Lizzie Mack - Vocals   Murray Cook - Guitar   Tony Mitchel - Bass    Marko Simec - Piano + Organ    Luke Herbert - Drums

The Soul Movers have returned from playing shows from LA to NYC at the same time recording a sizzling new album - BONA FIDE! - at many of the legendary studios of the South: Sun & Royal Studios in Memphis and Fame and Muscle Shoals Studios in Alamaba. With their epic pilgrimage now recorded - visually and sonically -  The Soul Movers bring home a killer album with its associated collection of road-food stories, hotel hi-jinks and a road case of new material which they can't wait to share in their national tour starting in February all the way into April.


The Soul Movers have delved deep into their musical DNA to create an album that spans not only the spectrum of their musical influences but attempts to do justice to their deep passion for soul, the many that came before them, and how those voices and sounds have influenced them in such personal and lasting ways. The US live shows and recording trip really was a musical identity search and pilgrimage of epic proportions!


The Soul Movers now play with a confirmed and renewed energy across a musical spectrum.  Their special mix of Soul and Pop, Blues and Rock - now includes the influences of the collaborations they so enjoyed; the band developed their talents & abilities while making their wildest music-making dreams come true.

Originally formed by Lizzie with Deniz Tek (Radio Birdman) in 2008,  ARIA Hall of Famer and legendary guitarist Murray Cook joined Lizzie at the helm in 2015. The group has evolved over the years, with the current line-up now including original bass player Andy Newman with well-known drummer Stu Wilson alongside magical keys-man Marko Simec for a national album release in 2019.


Fans reach out for The Soul Movers' music with both arms; finding music that resonates deep in their hearts with powerful messages that make life, and all its experiences, powerfully real, utterly communal and something we all grow and learn from. Apart from that, The Soul Movers musical recipe is equal parts pure fun and wild musical excitement making, of course, the kind of music everyone wants to, HAS to...  get up and groove to. 

The Soul Movers are the real deal, my friends. They love soul music - and they also understand and feel it. The feel bit is the most important because, without that, there is really nothing. The very essence of soul music beats inside the members of The Soul Movers and as such, they play the music with feeling, passion and a big, pulsating heart. In every way, they celebrate its history and look forward to its ever-evolving future - a future that they themselves are part of.  

Author, journalist, music commentator, independent artist publicist and radio broadcaster.  

This new Soul Movers album is like a well-cut suit. It feels classy on but also has room to move whenever you step onto a dancefloor. More sophisticated, a little rockier, with a touch of church - plus it never loses its shape.

Bernard Zuel

Music critic, host of The Right Note and Journalist

You want a word to describe the Soul Movers? How about electric. Earning their stripes as one of Australia’s hardest working bands, the Soul Movers have taken their brand of soul to the USA and back again with the imminent release of their new album Bona Fide - cut in a series of iconic studios including: Fame, Muscle Shoals, Royal and Sun Studios where the band laid down some of the finest grooves you’re likely to hear in 2019. Buckle up…the Soul Movers are coming.

Music writer, author and ABC Radio music journalist and radio broadcaster.  

The Soul Movers are far more than just their cool moves. We are talking consummate style with an infectious, spiritual energy led by the commanding presence of Lizzie Mack and the rockin’ real-deal guitar of Murray Cook. Their album’s title - Bona Fide - says it all.

Bob Gordon

Around The Sound editor and music journalist.

Live footage courtesy of Michael King - shot @ Lefty's Oldtime Music Hall in Brisbane (Sept 2018)