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Lizzie Mack - Vocals   

Murray Cook - Guitar   

Matt Crawford - Bass    

Marko Simec - Piano + Organ   

Luke Herbert - Drums

Fearsomely funky, grippingly groovy, and radiantly retro, The Soul Movers – the lovechild of powerhouse vocalist, Lizzie Mack, and OG-Red-Wiggle, Murray Cook - are all of the above, as is the groovy soul, powerful pop, and rockin’ country bump in “Dumb Luck”, their fourth album over ten years, together.


Welcome to a world where even badly broken hearts do mend, good lovers get to love again, the world is still real with decent people being friendly to each other. And if your day’s gone bad, may imaginary butterflies kiss the top of your head so we can all

get happy and lucky again.


Featuring much-loved legend, Murray Cook, and led by long-Legged vocalist, Lizzie Mack, The Soul Movers musical tour-de-force across a hip and funky retro musical spectrum, recreating the best sounds from the 1960s and 70s, and making them “one of the most exciting live show and festival acts on the touring circuit today”

(Glenn A Baker).


Backed by a “red-hot band oozing with musical talent” (Sean Sennett) The Soul Movers have recorded in both the US and Australia to create four critically-acclaimed albums which are regularly presented with humour and passion on many of Australia»sbiggest stages and most-loved festivals. 


Evolving with over a decade of experience and collaboration, the outfit enjoys a stable union and the creation of three albums for

ABC Music / UMA: ‘Testify!’, ‘Bona Fide’, ‘Evolution’.


With a move to Cheersquad Records (Melbourne) “Dumb Luck” hit the deck this spring and is on the road in 2023!

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