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The Soul Movers’ sparkling new single, Superstar (Groupie) features Murray Cook on not only acoustic guitar, but mandolin, electric, and bass guitar...

A Hot Potato Studio production, with Wiggles engineer,  Alex Keller, with Don Bartley mastering, have worked together to create a version of The Carpenters mega-hit “Superstar” that conjures the glamour and satin of the seventies but also brings in an earthy depth with acoustic strings and sumptuous harmonies...

Washing over listeners like a luscious summer wave, the Little Quirks' blood harmonies soothe and linger, supporting Lizzie Mack's centered vocal - a more calm and potent voice than we have heard from this Soul Mover in some time. Luke Herbert - who played on the very same kit drummer Hal Blaine used on  “Superstar” during his many years in the US - unites the combination of earth and air, expansion and limitation - the version turning out to be much more than what The Soul Movers could have imagined.


"OG Red Wiggle, Murray Cook, actually now prefers it to The Carpenters version – and that’s something we never thought possible – having loved it so much and for so long.”

– Lizzie Mack (The Soul Movers). 

“I feel like our Superstar (Groupie cover combines our love of retro sound. It stretches over the three generations of music makers involved in making it – all equally passionate about the sounds of the 1970s, aesthetics and the ultra-sheik vibes of an era that really, knew no bounds.”

- Murray Cook (The Soul Movers/ OG Wiggles)

Join The Soul Movers as they travel across the country, weaving their golden twelve-string magic on the resulting 'Not Putting It Down' tour - dates here...

Led by long-legged Lizzie Mack, and featuring the much-loved legend of a generation, OG Red Wiggle, Murray Cook, The Soul Movers tour-de-force musical offering across a hip and funky musical spectrum has made them one of the most exciting live show and festival acts on the touring circuit today.

Backed by a band oozing with musical talent, The Soul Movers have recorded in both the US and Australia to create four critically-acclaimed albums which are regularly presented with humour and passion on many of Australia’s biggest festivals and most-loved festivals. 

More info on all The Soul Movers current activities here!

Fun fact: The first live band Murray Cook ever saw (at the Amoco Hall in Orange, NSW) was Sherbet! ... Who on earth could predict that thirty-five years later, he would be writing an album with two of those same original members (Garth and Tony) the musicians he first saw rocking out on that big, sparkling stage. The Soul Movers now include Tony Mitchell on bass guitar in their touring live show!

If you haven't Checked out "Murray's Music Mates", on our YouTube yet, well now's the perfect time! - you'll get to see and hear how we created our current EP

"Not Putting It Down" and get some inside tips on how we put together our

soul-movin' songs!

Ever seen a live Soul Movers show...?

Glenn A. Baker captures The Soul Movers' festival set perfectly:

"The Soul Movers have become even more road-hardened since returning from their US adventures. The evidence was on display today at the Newtown Festival, where they delivered a cracking 40-minute set that blew everyone away. In fact, the mosh pit became so animated that it was almost lethal!

Murray Cook and Lizzie Mack have forged an alliance so powerful, so fearsomely funky, that The Soul Movers have become one of the most exciting live bands in the land..."

"Experiencing the Soul Movers live is an essential experience for anyone seriously interested in that broad umbrella of "live music." 
Bernie Howitt, RAM Magazine

"TSM’s high energy bursts through to deliver a new album, and live shows ,which are a tasty collection of surprise and delight”.
Tait McGregor, The AU Review


Fronted by the dynamic Lizzie Mack and her brother in Soul, ex-Red Wiggle Murray Cook, The Soul Movers join forces with the Original Wiggles dancers, and of course, Greg, Jeff, and Anthony, to focus on moving BODIES along with Souls. As the world faces a battle that can only be fought with one, higher power... that of funky DISCO!! "Circles Baby" is designed to get bodies moving and souls UP-lifted!

With a tasty mix of heart-warming retro' soul and funky disco, this workout track - and music clip of the century - combines the power and passion of Greg Page, as Richard Simmons; the man who uplifted a generation of people to become their better selves. Well, it's time to rise up again folks - in the battle against the curve! :) 


Current Album: "EVOLUTION"

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Friday, August 12 6:30pm

Tumbalong Park, Darling Harbour NSW

Newtown's "Winter Vibes"  

Thursday, August 18

Two sets starting 5:30pm - 7:30pm 

"Edge Festival" Sydenham Green

10am Saturday, August 20

53 Railway Road, Sydneyham

More Info Soon!

Sunday 25th September

"Muddy Paws" (dog lovers unite!)
 10am- 4pm  Sydney Park, Tempe NSW

Saturday, Nov 5

The Agrestic Hotel,

Orange, NSW

Sunday, Nov 6 @ 6pm

The Wickham Park Hotel,

Newcastle, NSW

Cherry Bar, Melbourne,

With Play Lunch

Friday, Dec 2

The Harmonie German Club, Canberra

Sunday, Dec 4

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